About Me

Welcome, my name is Rikki White, I am a mother of two and the founder of Eco Bliss Co. I have a passion and small obsession with all things eco friendly and natural. I am in no way the 'know it all' of all things eco friendly. What I am is a mother of two just doing her best and trying to be better. Better for myself, my children, my family and of course the planet. 
I wanted to begin my journey in selling products that are 100% good for you and the planet with my main focus being you & your babies. My journey into this type of lifestyle began around the age of three when my mother had to use only natural products, fabrics and also clean eating as a source to not irritate or ‘flare up’ my eczema or allergies. From there it has been a necessary lifestyle change for me as using chemical filled products can cause me to react. After having children this became more of a passion to live cleaner and to use only the best I can on them and for them.
Day by day I am trying to live a greener life with less plastic, chemicals and toxins. It has become a lifestyle change and I'm excited to bring you along on my journey. All things found on my online store are all things I believe whole heartedly in and know that they will only benefit yours and your babies lives.
I hope you enjoy my carefully selected product range as much as I love selling them to you.